The day before the opening I have driven to uni in the horsebox to transport my completed exhibit for the show. I am to pick up the other larger exhibits and plinths that are not easily transportable by car. We safely delivered all the items by 10:00. The curators were very busy and I had to get the truck out of the car park as quickly as possible.

The exhibition space shortly before opening.


The opening night 19:00 19/02/20

Amid great excitement the exhibition was opened by Peter Spriggs at just after 19:00. He ceremoniously cut a blue ribbon with a pair of enormous  pink scissors I had provided to much mirth and rapturous applause. Peter then made a very educational and informative speech about the history and importance of exhibiting and exhibitions. 

The event was very well attended, I counted about 100 at the peak. Feedback was very positive and there were 2nd years from the other disciplines checking just how high we had set the bar !

At about 21:00 we made our way to the afterparty to celebrate the success of the exhibition.

I was approached and asked if I would be willing to sell my exhibit. However money is not my driving force and I consider the exhibit only an underpainting and part of my larger specialist project, I do have quite sophisticated plans for it, so I did decline the offer. I did mention that the painting may become for sale when finished and post assessment, but my buyer actually wanted the underpainting as it was. I did make a counter offer that I may be willing to undertake a commission during the summer and replicate the underpainting, this has been provisionally accepted and I have explained that the painting will cost over 250 pounds.


The Children's Workshops 25/2/20 - 26/2/20

We had 2 great sessions doing workshops with years 5 and 6 from local primary schools. The children were engaged throughout and seemed to really enjoy the activities we put on for them. The ‘bugs’ and their ‘environments’ were colourful, imaginative and very creative....the balloon painting prompted some wonderful storytelling....and the spin painting was great fun and produced some stunning artwork! Tiana and Hazel ensured that we met the welsh language requirement both written and spoken! All in all it was exhausting but very worthwhile.


Spin Painting

I used an old boot liner from a Range Rover as a huge basin to catch the drips and spills and a revolving cake stand as the spinning  device. We used poster paint mixed with water in varying ratios which gave very different results. The greatest challenge was trying to get the excited children from killing the paintings by overdoing it. However we did manage to get some rather  striking outcomes and the children did seem to quite enjoy the workshop. 

I will be using the process to inform part of my specialist project.