The process sparked my imagination and gave me a lot of ideas, many of which I will undoubtedly run with in the future.


For my exhibit I did consider performance, both using actors in a live and or filmed scenario along the lines of Allora & Calzadilla or Rebecca Horn. I also thought about a demonstration or actions conducted by myself, for example live painting, along the lines of Robert Rauschenberg's "First-time Painting".

I strongly considered alternative and "gorilla" methods of exhibiting to break from the more conventional. But it seems my ideas were too radical and  the group consensus was much stronger, so for the greater good of the collaborative process i went along with the flow.

The process highlighted some of the more day to day chores associated with exhibiting; HSE compliance, insurances and permissions etc. There are many practical obstacles to overcome in putting on a show, some rather mundane but necessary.


I found I was able to apply some of the skills I already possess eg photography and digital graphic work for designing posters and creative writing for the press release.


The collaborative aspect encouraged me to be diplomatic and to allow others to realise their potential. It is important not to dominate, but express your ideas and be able to trust your colleagues to complete their tasks without interference.


A particular benefit for me was working with my exhibit under pressure, I came up with solutions that I had not previously thought of. It was especially insightful and useful to have had to create a mock up for the initial curation. This proved immensely motivational for me in kick starting my specialist project.


I also learnt much about curating from passively observing the team make their decisions:

Dominating complimenting grouping 2s and 3s and 4s

Balances of colours texture size and relationships styles subjects techniques mediums


The relief of a successful opening night is most rewarding!

I believe that a banner to hang on the railings outside the library would have been a great draw for footfall.  It would not have been expensive to have one professionally printed from our designs. If another venue were not as strict about the outside advertising, we as artists we could have collaborated and made our own banner or at least a flag. 

Ït is worth considering the season an exhibition is held in will affect footfall and therefore success; not as many people tend to go out on wet windy February evenings or weekends as they would during warmer sunnier months. 

Probably for me though, it was the positive feedback I received for my exhibit, the proposal to buy it and the subsequent negotiation to complete a future commission that was most unexpected and thrilling.