Graduate Exhibition Carmathern School Of Art 2021

Below are my submissions for the show, please click around...

'At the End of History'

Colour reversals developed with caffenol C and taken with home made 4x5 pinhole camera, staged in visual purity.




16 x 20 darkroom paper cut and formed into the camera itself and developed with caffenol. The idea that these cuboids have the potential to be displayed either phenomenologically as a cube with the image on the outside or quasi ontologically as a cube with the image on the inside.

Hauntological Dimensions I


Photo transfers ontoa substrate that had been painted with a response to the landscape within the original photo.

‘French Turn'


This series of endless panoramas suggest a truth in that the camera records a full 360 degrees. Yet they celebrate entryism as the title indicates. The figures infiltrate the landscape as their murmurings permeate the ambience. 


Thanks to my brother Freddie Stewart-Deane for the sound design.’

'Transit Cube'

I aim to connect how during the lockdown we are separated from each other and at the same time so many of the things we need have to be ordered by mail delivery. My father is 83, he paints and lives in Cambridge, we had not seen each other in over eighteen months, he agreed to collaborate. Hopefully this would bring us closer in some way. My idea was to make and then respond to or derelict the outside of a ‘box’, send it to him, let him respond to that, contribute or interrupt my responses/ derelictions and send it back to me. The 'Transit Cube' would receive knocks and scuffs from its travels and it would also retain postage stamps and labels. This would continue for as long as possible or until we felt that there was nothing more to add. From an initial ‘early learning’ theme, the game was soon upped along the lines of Barthesian philosophic theory with learnt signs, symbols and their signifiers. Transit Cube - Bernard & Mark Stewart-Deane (Deano)