Liminal Limbo 2021

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Experiential Combinations

Most of 2020 was spent printing, making cameras, taking photos on paper, film and developing them. The summer of 2021 was needed to rediscover what was missing. To find a way back in by combining photos; analogue, digital, pinhole and Polaroid, plus video clips, collage, observational sketches and paintings, some completed on site and others in the studio. Hopefully the inclusion of moving images holds the viewers interest a bit longer and that may encourage reviewing the other elements of the combinations. The intention is to convey a sense of place or reveal some obscured meaning through experience of both the macro and micro.

Rosebush Quarry

Carn Ingli

The Priory

Cenarth Falls

Caersegan Reservoir

Hwest Subway - Music Chris Chandler

Gothic Shadow of Iconoclasm cast over the Zeitgeist

Urban Perceptions

Grantchester Meadows

Byron's Pool

River Cam 2

River Cam 1

Low Tide at Lower Town

Wolfscastle Wood

Aber Bach

Wheat Field

Carn Gelli

The A40

Garn Fawr from Caersegan