Deano is a meta disciplinary artist, quasi beyond discipline. An award winning first class graduate, presented with the dissertation prize for his third year BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Presently studying Contemporary Dialogues in Fine Art at MA level.

His research based practice is directed to further development; manipulating results and further responding with diverse media. Deano does not aim for resolved outcomes, these are the residue of experimenting by creating art.

The themes that underpinned his undergraduate work were concerned with the elusiveness of truth and ingredients of chance that link realism and abstraction to perception. Deano explored the suspension of belief that art and reality is one of the greatest paradoxes; we can believe something that we know does not actually exist. Something that can warp visual experiences, obscure and reveal the layers of timelines and suggest alternative realities.


Currently he attempts to define the moment we live in by acknowledging metaxis; challenging habitual ways to find depth in new emergence.


Soviet military night vision goggles adapted to blacked out darkroom use.